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Aspects of Local History

A copy of Aspects of Local History 2 can be found HERE

Articles in the document are;

Kilmarnock - A Historical Survey by Dr John Strawhorn (1974) - the history of Kilmarnock in a nutshell

Miss Annie MacClarty's Memories of The Grammar School by Gabrielle McCracken

Early Days in the A1 Bus Service by Charles Hannah

The Kilmarnock Abstainers' Union by Barbara Graham

Some Kilmarnock Architects by Rob Close

Two Hundred and Fifty Years of Carpets by John Hood

Changing Times In The Textile Industry by David Bowman and Barbara Graham

The Kilnford Tragedy 1924 by Stuart J Wilson

The Kilmarnock and Troon Railway by Frank Beattie

The Mures of Rowallan by Barbara Graham

Kilmarnock Burgh Police by Superintendent Mair

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court by Sheriff David B Smith

150 Years of Kilmarnock Provosts by Charles Woodward

Historical Keeps, Castles and Stately Homes of Ayrshire by Bill Cook

A Local Poem - 'The Flood' - a poem about the flood of 3 January 1932