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Local People and places of interest

This page is designed to list interesting people who came, or come, from in and around Kilmarnock and some of the interesting landmarks in and around the town.

The plan is to keep adding to this so please send us your stories of fascinating folk and we will add them on here as appropriate.

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Johnnie Walker - Father of the world's most famous whisky 

Alex Frew - Kilmarnock's Springbok Captain 

The Dukes of Portland by Hugh Watson

Sir Alexander Fleming

Lord Boyd Orr

John Finnie and John Finnie Street

Archibald Finnie of Springhill and more about John Finnie St

Archibald Finnie and Buildings of John Finnie St Part 2

Archibald Finnie...part 3

Winifred Chester and John Rankine

Opera House - Kilmarnock Standard article March 1875