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Lecture Programme

Our 2020-21 Lecture programme is delayed at this time. We will update members and site visitors as soon as possible with our plans for the session.


Lectures take place fortnightly, on Tuesday evenings between October and March at The Kilmarnock Campus of Ayrshire College, commencing at 7.30pm. We generally have an attendance of between 75 and 100 members at our meetings which last no more than 90 minutes. A membership form can be downloaded HERE

Non-members are welcome to attend any lectures which may appeal to them, but please remember that we have costs to cover and that we usually ask for a £3 donation in our tin at the end of the night. Should you wish to attend a number of lectures we would really appreciate that you give due consideration to becoming a member.       

Syllabus 2019-20

1 October          Neil Fraser                           A Journey through Historical Environment Scotland Archives

                                                                          including Scran & Canmore slides featuring Kilmarnock & District


15 October       Simon H Craufurd             History of Craufurdland Castle  (venue - The Laird's Table @ Craufurdland)


29 October       Ewan Coventry                 Escape from Poland -

                                                                          A Wartime Adventure and a family's travels with J & P Coats


12 November    Ted Cowan                          'Look who we have got for Neebours'

                                                                            Irish folk and Ayrshire folk in 19th Century Galloway


26 November    Barbara Graham                    Scottish Anti-Slavery Societies in the 19th Century


10 December     John Smillie                          'How Lucky We Were' 


14 January          Fred Dinning                        Leaving the Land - Lowland Clearances and Emigration


28 January         Ian Matheson                       Peterloo and The Radical Movement -  a Bicentennial Perspective


11 February        Stephen Morgan                   Dean castle Restoration Project    (venue- Park Hotel, Kilmarnock)


25 February       Valerie Reilly                         Made in Scotland - Scottish Household Brands


10 March            George English                     The Mayflower 400- The Pilgrims and the Scottish Connection


TBA (postponed)          Frank Beattie                      Kilmarnock Memories


Please note that the AGM will take place at 7.30pm  prior to the final talk. This normally takes about 15 minutes.