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Lecture Programme

Our 2023-24 Lecture programme is as follows, but may be subject to change - please keep an eye on our news page and social media;

Meetings start at 7.30pm and will take place at Ayrshire College, Hill Street, Kilmarnock unless otherwise stated.

Please note that we will meet on a Thursday this session.


05 October    The Mysteries of HMS Dasher - in memory of the 379    Graham Short 

19 October   Interment on The Isle of Man in World War II   Barbara Graham This will take place in the Park Hotel

02 November  New Information About Sir William Wallace Since 2010  Prof. Dauvit Broun

16 November  CWGC; Architecture and Conservation   Sehar Sardar

30 November  Legendary Ayrshire  Dane Love

14 December  Cultural Kilmarnock - The Global Stage   Anneke Freel


11 January Lost Mining Villages of Ayrshire  Yvonne McFadden

25 January   More Hidden Kilmarnock  James Adams

08 February  Aspects of The National Trust for Scotland  Ann Steele

22 February  The Chartist Movement - Reformers or Revolutionaries?  Ian Matheson

07 March  Ayrshire After Dark - A Ghost Story   Prof. Elaine McFarland

21 March  AGM and  George Forrest - Kilmarnock to Yunnan in Search of Plants  Leonie Paterson