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Kilmarnock Heritage Walk

Download our latest Map -  The Kilmarnock Heritage Walk . We hope you find this informative and it inspires you to take the walk. You can obtain complimentary copies of the walk at many locations in the town. (although we have not supplied anywhere during the Pandemic)

An older Town Trail, our Millennium Project, is still in print. The main legacy of this project is the siting of blue information plaques throughout the town. A list of locations highlighted in the Town Trail book is listed below. Plaques can be found at sites marked 'P'.

Town Trail books, with full descriptions of the numbered locations and a hard copy of the map, are still available at our meetings, or by contacting us directly.



1.  Laigh West High Church  'P'  (start of Walk A)

2.  Site of town's first school - College Wynd  'P'

3.  Former Johnnie Walker building - John Dickie St.  'P'

4.  Wheatsheaf Inn - Croft St.   'P'

5.  Site of former Bus Station - Portland St.  'P'

6.  Former George Hotel - Portland St.  'P'

7.  Site of former Kilmarnock Infirmary - Portland St.  'P'

8.  Old High Kirk  'P'

9.  Soulis Monument - Soulis St.

10. Reformers' Monument - Kay Park

11. Burns Monument Centre - Kay Park

12. Dick Institute - Dick Rd.  'P'

13. War Memorial - Dick Rd.

14. Sir James Shaw Statue - London Rd.  'P'

15. Masonic Temple - London Rd.  'P'

16. Site of Tam Samson's house

17. Kilmarnock Academy

18. Former Corn Exchange / Palace Theatre - London Rd.  'P'

19. John Wilson's printing shop plaque - Burns Mall

20. John Nisbet Memorial - Burns Mall

21. Burns / Wilson Statue - The Cross  (end of Walk A)

22. The Viaduct  (start of Walk B)

23. Robert Muir's shop - Square of Ales / Foregate  'P'

24. St Joseph's Church - Hill St.  'P'

25. Site of original Railway Station  'P'

26. Andrew Barclay's Caledonia Locomotive Works  'P'

27. Former Opera House - John Finnie St.  'P'

28. Tannock brother's house - Grange St.  'P'

29. Edgar Allan Poe - Grange Place  'P'

30. Former Kilmarnock Standard building - Grange Place

31. John Finnie Street corner  'P'

32. Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church  'P'

33. The Lady's Walk - Howard Park  'P'

34. Floods - Burnside St.  'P'

35. Dairy School - Holmes Rd.  'P'

36. Former Tram Depot - Greenholm St.  'P'

37. Wallace plaque - Fire Station

38. Riccarton Churchyard - Grave of Rev. Alexander Moodie - Old St.  'P'

39. Riccarton Hill of Judgement -  New St.  'P'

40. Bickering Bush - Old St.  'P'

41. Original Glenfield & Kennedy site - Low Glencairn St.  'P'

42. Glencairn St. and Square  'P'

43. Graveyard of former St. Andrew's Glencairn Church - Grave of Johnnie Walker  'P'

44. Site of Saxone Factory / Galleon Centre - Titchfield St.  'P'

45. Site of Kilmarnock House - St. Marnock Street  'P'

46. Old Sheriff Court - St Marnock Street

47. Site of Johnnie Walker's shop - King St.  'P'

48. Old Town Bridge - Sandbed  'P'  (end of Walk B)

Walk C is at Dean Castle. information is displayed within the grounds.