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Winifred Chester and John Rankine

In August 2019 we recived an e-mail from Jenny Chester who commented;

For the past 36 years I have been researching my ancestors and their families who came from the UK and Ireland to Australia where I live.

My focus for the last few years has been to write up the stories of interesting individuals in my family.  I am currently working on the story of my Australian great-great aunt Winifred Chester (1877-1935) who married John Rankine born 12 January 1868 at Kilmarnock to John Rankine and Sarah Miller nee Kennedy, and died 22 January 1948 at Moscow near Kilmarnock.


Winifred and John's marriage notice appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday 20 October 1900 and Monday 22 October 1900 RANKINE - CHESTER - September 5, at The Cottage, Grougar, Galston, by the Rev D J Allison, John Rankine, chief engineer, ss Buenos Ayrean, of the Allan line, to Winnifred Evelyn, youngest daughter of Thomas Ditton Chester, late stevedore, Sydney, Australia.


They certainly had an interesting life ending up living in New Zealand from about 1907 until Winifred's death in 1935 after which John returned to Scotland

Jenny finished her research and kindly agreed to publishing it on our website  Please enjoy reading it and contacting Jenny with any additional thoughts and observations. The article can be accessed via the link below.

John Rankine by Jenny Chester