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National Transport Trust Red Wheel at Troon


The latest National Transport Trust Red Wheel Heritage Site was unveiled at Troon on 19th December. KDHG President Gary Torbett and Troon born and bred Olympian Brian Whittle MSP undertook the honours overseen by John Yellowlees, Honorary Railway Ambassador for ScotRail.

A healthy group of just under 20 attended the brief ceremony and enjoyed light refreshments in the Harbour Bar on whose wall the plaque is mounted. From the site you can see over the harbour and appreciate its size before walking down past the marina to the area still actively used by the fishing fleet and some cargo vessels. The Arran ferry will decant to Troon for 2 years from June 2023 which makes the recognition of this site quite timely.

The plaque reads; 'TROON HARBOUR - Opened in 1812 as the terminus of the Kilmarnock & Troon Railway - a coal carrying plateway that was the first in Scotland to use steam locomotives and to carry passengers.'

The Red Wheel which was unveiled at Kilmarnock station on November 2021 reads; ' KILMARNOCK & TROON RAILWAY - Opened 1812 as a horse drawn, 4ft gauge plateway - the first in Scotland to carry passengers. Converted 1846 to a contemporary railway'

Both ends of this historically important railway are now commemorated in some style. 

More information on Red Wheels can be found HERE and on the Kilmarnock & Troon Railway HERE

Thanks to all members of KDHG who contributed to this project, as well as those who contributed via article on Facebook and LinkedIn. Thanks to the Mortons at The Harbour Bar who kindly agreed to have the plaque on their wall and for seeing to the installation as well as provision of refreshments.


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