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Troon and The Great War by Gordon Hunter


Keen amateur historian Gordon Hunter has published what he describes as 'a weekly account of Troon during WW1, with everything from the weekly casualty lists, the huge amount of voluntary work, launches at the shipyard and rationing. I have also added some golf, bowling and football scores..'

Gordon includes items of interest such as adverts for films and concerts which he has found during his research in the Troon Herald, Troon & Prestwick Advertiser and Ayrshire Post. He has also researched Troon Burgh Minutes, Troon Dean of Guild Records, Valuation Rolls and Admiralty Records to produce his record of his home town during The Great War.

The book is available in Kindle for £7.99. If you go to either Kindle or Amazon and search for Gordon Hunter - Troon in The Great War you will find it should you be interested. You can have a free preview read !

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