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MacLachlan / Blocks at Barleith follow up


Further to our news articles of 2nd May 2017 ( see here  and here ) we received the following reply;

I know a little about Maclachlans - the family lived in Dundonald Road two girls, one being Jean, and a son, Scott. All went to the Academy. Jean was in my year and Scott a bit younger the other girl was older. I took Jean out to the pictures once or twice. 

The family moved south after Willie died. Jean was at Barassie some years ago when she brought her son to play in the British Boys Golf championship.I had not seen her for 30 years.
It was strange, her son is now a golf Pro and her married name is Torbet.... small world.

Re The Blocks Willie Ross was brought up there, he once told a meeting of railway men, 
"Its no blood I have in my veins its Engine oil "

JG Torbett

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