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First talk of new session - Tuesday 5th October 2021


Apologies for the fairly short notice, but it has been an interesting journey trying to secure a venue for us to hold our first lecture where we can meet up in person since March 2020. We have been working with our friends at CentreStage and will be using their new facility at the old Kilmarnock Academy campus for the timebeing. (KA1 3AE for SatNav)

Whilst the use of Zoom enabled us to 'meet' last session, we are keen to get back to as close to normal as we can, therefore. our first talk will be delivered by Bill Fitzpatrick - The Railway Companies' Race To Open Up The North. 7.30pm start, although we do appreciate it may take a few minutes to have everyone settled into an unfamiliar venue. We will have the room from 7pm onwards.

For those who know the academy building, the entrance is situated in what was the connecting corridor between the old building and the newer 1960s style building. There is a reception there and we will be kept right as to where to go. It is straightforward and the accessibility in the building is excellent. There is a Cafe Bar which is presently open until 7pm should you wish to arrive early for a refreshment. Our understanding is that this may open later on occasions once everything has settled down. There is also parking available in old playground and on Elmbank Drive. 

The committee appreciate that some of you may not be comfortable meeting in public presently. Please be assure that the venue is COVID compliant and every effort will be made to ensure the safety of everyone in the building, including in our meeting room. We do, however, respect anybody's concerns.

CentreStage's website is for those wishing to have a look.

We do have a full programme of talks in place which will be published in the near future. Membership cards will be produced in the next couple of weeks.

Regards subscriptions - these are set at £20 for the session and will be collected in the near future. There has been quite a bit of uncertainty over the last few weeks so we are a bit behind where we would normally like to be so it is best that we don't add to any stress levels next Tuesday by collecting these. Please bear with us.

Can we ask that if you know anyone who does not usually receive e-mails or uses the internet that you let them know we are back up and running. We will write to them in due course. Thank-you.

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