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Book Week Scotland event - Monday 27th November


Book Week Scotland

Cal Flyn & Karl Geary - Two debut authors, two mesmerising stories – a fascinating evening not to be missed.

Mon 27 Nov 7pm Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

Cal Flyn is an award winning freelance writer and reporter from the Highlands of Scotland. Her work has featured in many leading publications and she is a previous winner of the Independent on Sunday/Bradt Prize for travel writing. Cal was very proud when she discovered that her ancestor, Angus McMillan, had been a pioneer of colonial Australia. However, when she dug deeper, she began to question her pride. McMillan had not only cut tracks through the bush, but played a dark role in Australia's bloody history. Driven to piece together his story and to confront her history, Cal decided to follow Angus's route from Skye to rural Australia. Delving into a dark period in Australian history with a novel’s immediate style, this book asks how whole societies can come to be overlooked, forgotten and shamed.

Thicker Than Water combines memoir, history, travelogue and lyrical nature writing.

Karl Geary is a novelist, actor and scriptwriter. He was born in Dublin and moved to America at sixteen. Unfolding in the sea-bright, rain-soaked Dublin of early spring, his first novel Montpelier Parade  is a beautiful, cinematic novel about desire, longing, grief, hope and the things that remain unspoken. It is about how deeply we can connect with one another, and the choices we must also make alone. The house is on Montpelier Parade: just across town, but it might as well be a different world. Working on the garden with his father one Saturday, Sonny is full of curiosity. Then the back door eases open and she comes down the path towards him. Vera.
Chance meetings become shy arrangements, and soon Sonny is in love for the first time. Casting off his lonely life of dreams and quiet violence for this new, intoxicating encounter, he longs to know Vera, even to save her. But what is it that Vera isn’t telling him?

 'Luminous and moving. A story that asks who you can love and how, and a novel that gets to the heart of things; it certainly got to the heart of me.' Sunjeev Sahota, author of The Year of the Runaways
Should this event interest you, please e-mail Liz-Anne Deans directly at [email protected] and she will ensure your name is on the door. There is no cost for this event to KDHG members (or website visitors!)

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