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Memories of Glasgow Central


We received the following e-mail today. Please contact Jennifer directly if you want to take part in this interesting project.


Dear Kilmarnock District History Group,

My name is Jennifer and I work as a Researcher with STV. 

BBC Scotland has commissioned us (STV Productions) to make a series of six one-hour documentaries that explore the inner workings of Glasgow Central Station and the large rail network that it serves.  The series will be more than an observational series, it will also explore the history of Glasgow and Scotland through the lens of Central Station as it has been the ‘doorway’ to the nation for over 140 years.  Throughout the series we will be following staff and passengers

We are very keen to hear people’s memories of the station and personal testimonies e.g. special meetings under the clock, former employees stories, arriving or leaving through Glasgow Central for a momentous journey etc.  I would really appreciate if you would be able to spread the word through Kilmarnock District History Group.   

We will be filming from the 19th May through to the end of July.

If people have stories to share and are keen to contribute to the show, they can contact me directly on 0141 300 3428.

I am happy to answer any questions which you may have and I am in the office weekdays from 9.30am-6.00pm.

Thank you for your help. 

Kind regards,

Jennifer Kissane| Researcher
Tel: 0141 300 3428 | email:[email protected]
STV, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1PQ | switchboard: 0141 300 3000 | website:

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