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Memories of Kilmarnock Academy


We have received the following request from Kilmarnock Academy who are seeking memories from alumni and alumnae - or perhaps their families. Can anyone assist ?

Kilmarnock Academy, Elmbank Drive, Kilmarnock KA1 3BS

To capture memories before they are lost, we are looking for people in the categories below to share their memories with us.

The oldest living ;
Former secondary pupil, former primary pupil, former teacher or member of staff.

Any former pupil who was a (age immaterial);
dux, sports champion, Ist XV/Ist XI player, swimmer in the school baths, Senior Prefect, cadet, guide, leading role in a Gilbert and Sullivan opera, participant in any school show, member of school trips particularly ones involving stays in youth hostels

Any other memories of Kilmarnock Academy not specified above welcome

Please contact [email protected] or phone 01563 525509
The old fashioned method of writing to the address above will also suffice.

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